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Georgia Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial truck accidents are catastrophic in comparison to other types of automobile accidents. Since an 18-wheeler weighs over ten times more than your average vehicle, the damage from a commercial truck can be devastating. Trucks are not able to stop or maneuver the same as a typical car, which is why drivers are especially trained to handle their vehicles in different situations. Unfortunately, due to the high demands placed on commercial truck drivers, they are often fatigued, worn and not able to drive to their full capacity in terms of safety.

If you have been injured in a commercial truck accident, you need a trained professional by your side to deal with the insurance companies and lawyers associated with the commercial truck’s firm. Contact us at Franklin Law today for a free, no obligation consultation and let our attorneys see how we can assist you in getting the maximum compensation allowed by the law for your case.


Commercial trucks have numerous attorneys and insurance companies that don’t want to pay out compensation for their company driver’s negligence. Therefore, defending your case alone may result in a lower compensation than you are due or no compensation at all. You need a professional on your side who understands the law, especially surrounding commercial truck negligence in auto-related accidents.


There are special circumstances that will determine how much compensation you receive. Factors such as the type of accident may greatly impact the amount you receive. Common types of commercial truck accidents our firm deals with include, but are not limited to:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Substance abuse or driving under the influence
  • Speeding
  • Improper truck loading
  • Improper maintenance or inspection practices
  • Product manufacturing or defects…and more

Multiple parties in these situations may be held liable including the driver, the company that owns the vehicle, the company responsible for maintenance and inspection and more. The attorneys at Franklin Law will look at each individual aspect to see what circumstances caused your accident and which party or parties can be held liable for it.

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Representative Cases

Franklin Law routinely partners with other firms by offering the unique benefit of their attorneys’ knowledge of Georgia laws and extensive experience in complex litigation.

Below are just a few examples of cases in which Franklin Law has been instrumental in helping clients and other law firms in complex cases.

Jones v. CSX Transportation et al – Franklin Law helped secure an $11.2 million verdict in a case arising out of the death of a camera assistant after being struck by a train while working on the set of a film titled “Midnight Rider,” which was based on the life of iconic musician Greg Allman. That verdict was instrumental in exposing issues with safety on film sets, an important matter for Georgia given the explosive growth of the film and television industry in this State.

Chhetri v. Michelin North America et al – Franklin Law helped secure a $16.5 million verdict against Michelin North America based on a defective tire design which caused a large passenger van to overturn resulting in the death of one passenger and multiple serious injuries. The jury awarded the widow of the man who was killed with over $5 million in compensatory damages and awarded $11.5 million in punitive damages based on Plaintiff’s claim that Michelin knew, or should have known, that the tire was defective and dangerous.

Desmond v. Narconon - Franklin Law has unique experience in exposing dangerous practices relating to addiction recovery. Franklin Law was part of the team representing the family of a man who died after being allowed to consume alcohol and opiates while enrolled in a Georgia drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Unbeknownst to the Plaintiffs, the facility had repeatedly been cited by the State of Georgia for violations of health regulations and was not actually licensed as a residentual facility, despite its representations to the public. During the litigation, the trial court severely sanctioned the facility, finding that the rehabilitation center had provided false and misleading discovery responses and deposition testimony. Because of what was uncovered in discovery and the case's publicity, the rehabilitation center's license was ultimately revoked by the State of Georgia.

Mundy v. Ford Motor Company et al - Franklin Law represented Jessica Mundy, a young lady who was paralyzed after her Ford Explorer unexpectedly shifted from park to reverse as she was stepping back into her vehicle after dropping off mail at post office. Franklin Law uncovered hundreds of other similar incidents where customers complained of a Ford Explorer suddenly shifting out of the park position. The jury returned a verdict of $40 million, which included a large sum for punitive damages to punish Ford Motor Company for knowing about the danger in its vehicles, but failing to remedy the defect.

Williams Asset Management v. Synovus Bank – Franklin Law represented individuals who were sued by a major Georgia banking institution over a dispute involving millions of dollars. Franklin Law, along with attorneys representing other individuals targeted by the bank, successfully defeated the bank’s allegations. The trial judge found that the Bank did not have a viable legal claim against Franklin Law’s clients.

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